Our Story

Aecern started as an oceanographer’s passion project to deliver easy ways for kids to learn together with science data and observations. With the support of programs with the Office of the Navy, East Bay Education Collaborative of Rhode Island, Jason Learning, and Lloyd Center for the Environment we have continued to develop a versatile learning platform for K-12 classrooms.

Aecern participated in the ninth incubator cohort of 4pt0 Schools.

Our Philosophy

At Aecern we are driven to explore everything. We approach science and engineering education as career scientists with a deep understanding of the authentic practices and daily critical thinking skills necessary to solve real problems.

Our vision is an educational system where teachers have the time and tools to grow comfortable with open inquiry and transition to support discovery-based learning, so that all types of students become future problem-solvers.

Meet the Team

We’re a small edtech startup based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Your thoughts are invaluable for helping us drive our mission to improve access to high-quality science and engineering education.

Dr. Andone Lavery, Co-founder
Andone investigates the frontiers of ocean sciences at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She guides strategic vision and mentors young scientists in their early careers.

Next Steps…

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