Become the Guide to Discovery

Scoutlier is a free and easy discovery learning platform
that helps teachers transform their lessons into interactive apps
to engage students in active, collaborative learning - sharing data and ideas.

Student-centered teaching

Awaken Wonder

Easily transform lessons and activities into learner-centered interactive apps. Explore beyond the worksheet to grow and share experiences.

Elevate Engagement

Elevate Engagement

Support a culture of curiosity that fosters digital literacy, creative communication, and 3D learning. Redefine your learning opportunities to capture the processes and outcomes of student-driven inquiry.

Share and Collaborate

Share and Collaborate

Hear every voice. Collect observations and data to create a classroom of ideas. Investigate and discuss with a live feed of class photos, multimedia, words and measurements.

Learning on the go?  There's an app for that!

Complete your investigations and activities on the web or on free mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Why Scoutlier?

In a few minutes I can transform one of my go-to activities into a living, engaging experience.

An authoring tool makes assignment creation and editing easy.

I can capture student discussions along with their writing for a deeper assessment of the full learning process.

Build a classroom dataset of measurements, observations, and audiovisuals.

It gives me a lens into what my students are thinking and doing while they work.

A Dashboard with live data stream shows student progress.

It's free!

Scoutlier is supported by the Office of Naval Research.

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Scoutlier is fully integrated with Google Classroom, which is freely available to users with a personal Google account or those with G Suite for Education accounts, allowing teachers and learners in many different settings can teach or attend classes, manage assignments, and instantly collaborate.

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We connect students with scientists for field science experiences, so they can make a difference through the studies they pursue in this ONR-funded program.

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We are a building a library of FAQs and Demos to help answer your questions.  We are a small startup - your feedback is appreciated!

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We want to help teachers get the tools they need to encourage and engage their students as they become inquisitive, data-literate critical thinkers.

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