Citizen Science

Junior Researchers

We believe students can make a difference through the studies they pursue. We help them do this by connecting them to scientists as mentors for place-based learning experiences. Grades 8-12 classes conduct field science in machine learning and climate science through Massachusetts-based and California-based Research Challenges.

Professional Development

Physics 360

Educators can sign up at EBEC to join us on Jan 9, 2020. Dr. Lavery will share her driving questions as she embarking on a bold journey to explore one of our planet’s hidden frontiers — the dimly lit ocean twilight zone.  

Professional Development

Oceans 360

Educators can sign up at EBEC to join us on Jan 9, 2020. MIT – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Doctoral candidate Sheron Luk will share her marsh sustainability and climate change research, and will talk about citizen science connecting students with authentic field work experiences.

Content Partners

JASON Learning

We are excited that interactive versions of the publicly available Jason Learning Design and Pitch Challenges and the Connected Storm Sanctuary Design Thinking Missions are now available in the Sharing Library.