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Be the Guide to Student-Driven Discoveries. Open your lessons to interactive inquiry.

Scoutlier is fully integrated with Google Classroom, which is freely available to users with a personal Google account or those with G Suite for Education accounts, allowing teachers and learners in many different settings can teach or attend classes, manage assignments, and instantly collaborate.

Teacher and student accounts are free.

Teacher Get Started


1. Create a free Google Classroom account and invite your students to join.
2. Sign on to the Scoutlier web app to sync your Google Classroom for the first time.
3. Easily create interactive, engaging assignments to assign to your Google Classroom on the web app.
Students Get Started


1. Sign in to the Scoutlier web app for the first time to sync your Google Classrooms
2. Complete and submit your work on the Scoutlier web app or our mobile apps.
We do not advertise, sell or share your data.
Web and Mobile

Web or Mobile?

A full suite of features: assignment creation, completion and submission, live data feed, and grading capabilities are available on Scoutlier web app. Mobile apps are feature-limited to assignment completion and submission, but are great for escaping the classroom!

Learning on the go?  There's an app for that!

Complete your investigations and activities on the web or on free mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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To use Scoutlier mobile apps:

While on Wi-Fi, ask your students to sign in to the app on mobile devices to download your assignment.
Go outside!  Data and student work captured while offline will be saved.
Come back online and open apps to upload data to the cloud.
View your collaborative class dataset and responses on the web app once you are back on the internet.


Demo Library


Click on the Scoutlier Demos video menu for selected How-To shorts, or send us a question

Why Scoutlier?

Ways to Start

Easily adapt existing learning activities.
Substitute paper-based activities and labs,
Augment them with the collection of a classroom dataset to support robust discussions,  
Modify them to include multimedia capture (e.g. peer assessments or interviews), and  
Redefine your learning opportunities to encourage collaboration while capturing the process and outcomes of student-driven inquiry.

What does it do for my class?

Implement NGSS-style Principals.  Invest in a classroom dataset of ideas and observations.
Classroom Management.  See what your students are thinking while they work. 
Collaborative Learning.  Your students make and share a class dataset of numbers, writing, and media.
Assessment.  Comment and return assignments integrated with your Google Classroom gradebook.
Save time.  Instead of app-smashing solutions together, collect everything in one place!

What about Data?

Scoutlier does not advertise, sell or share student data.  Learn more at our Privacy page.
On Scoutlier, you make your own activities with an easy tool or adapt lessons from the Sharing Library.  
Scoutlier supports collection of many different data types: written paragraphs, measurement data, multiple choice, multi-select checkboxes, video, audio clips, and photographs on our website and free mobile apps.