This is where you can find the most common questions from teachers and learners.

What’s your data privacy policy?

Our pledge is to carry out responsible stewardship and to safeguard student privacy.  Students and their schools own the work added to Scoutlier.  We do not use your content, sell your data, or advertise on the Scoutlier platform. Learners’ data is visible only to the Google Classroom to which the assignment is assigned, or to the learners to whom the assignment code has been shared.

What does scoutlier cost?

The current web and mobile apps are free to use for teachers and learners. Subscription features are in the works.

Can I can see what it looks like without joining?

Of course! You can see a simple student’s view of example assignments on our Demos page.

How do I get started?

See the Teachers page to learn more about how you can use Scoutlier or go directly to the login page to sign in with your Google email or Google for Education account.

How does Google Classroom integration work?

Teachers who log in with Google Classroom can sync their classrooms and push assignments to all students within a single Google Classroom roster of their choice. Each assignment can be viewed, commented, and graded to the Google Classroom gradebook upon student submission.

Bug Report: We are currently aware of issues syncing classrooms with co-teachers and are working on the problem. If you are having trouble syncing your Google Classrooms, please let us know!

We recommend you use “Assign with Code” if you are unable to share to your classroom.

Do you have help videos?

Select from the pulldown menu for help on a variety of topics.

Please excuse some out-of-style views. We are working on our fashion sense.

What if I have more questions?

We are available to answer your questions and provide online demonstrations or professional development anytime.