What does Scoutlier do for Teaching and Learning?

Teachers guide 21st century learning experiences through interactive assignments.

Students capture and share their learning and creative problem solving with data, words, and multimedia.

Scoutlier is a versatile toolbox and library tuned for Science and Engineering. Your activities come alive as interactive apps for collaborative learning on or offline on any device.

Everyday Strategies

Everyday Strategies

Gain new teaching strategies for daily classroom collaborations, so that you can get comfortable promoting deeper learning and critical thinking skills.

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Practice Science

Expand Your Practices

It’s easy to start with flexible templates and build confidence as you guide your students to NGSS Science and Engineering Practices for next generation jobs.

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Promote Equity

Value every student’s voice. Scoutlier is accessible anywhere on any device so you can help all learners share ideas through video, audio, writing and science data.

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Unleash Discovery

We believe every classroom can transform into an immersive, authentic STEM, or science and engineering, laboratory under the power of a guiding educator.

We design the teacher’s pathway from everyday collaborations, to structured and guided inquiry and labs, to student-driven discovery.

Scoutlier is the only place where you can grow, apply and share teaching strategies for better student outcomes on one platform.

With grant support we also build bridges between students and career scientists for authentic research collaborations. Our philosophy is Explore Everything.

Scoutlier is a 2019 Top Pick for Learning.


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