Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning™ 

Make a discovery, in the class or beyond
Use it to answer questions and solve problems
Build the skills and acquire the knowledge you need
Share your findings and experiences
Have fun, become passionate!

How It Works

Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning blends technology and exploration to create exciting learning experiences in the classroom and beyond


Why It Works

Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning is an impactful and fun way to learn about a subject and build higher-order thinking skills

It connects the dots between everyday events and experiences, and the subject matter and skills students need to master. And it provides them with an incentive to push themselves to explore and learn beyond the traditional boundaries of the curriculum.

It provides students with a fun, technological, and social way to own and share their learning. And it provides you with an opportunity to create a learning experience that is best suited to your students’ needs and opportunities.


What To Do?

Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning Experiences are developed for and by users – like you

Each Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning Experience addresses an important learning opportunity identified by educators and their students. It may tackle a specific area of the curriculum, a set of learning standards, or the goal might be to help students develop specific skills.

Educators have successfully used Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning in many different settings, ranging from traditional classrooms, to field trips, to distance learning. And they have used it with students in grades K through grade 12.

Click here to see some of the Discoveries students have made with these Learning Experiences.

Teacher-created Discovery-Driven Learning Experiences:


To learn more about our existing Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning Experiences, and how you can create one for your students, contact us.

Get Started

Getting Started with Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning is easy!

Step 1. Create a free account for your class. Click on the SIGN UP link above and you’re off!

Step 2. Assign avatars to your students. Login to the Learning Environment using the link above and visit the Teacher Page. This is our way to de-identify your students and their data, only you will know who they are.

Step 3. Download a Discovery App and start Discovering! All our Apps are free, they run on Apple or Android devices, and you can get them by searching for Aecern on the App Store or Google Play (or click on the links below).

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Search our growing catalog of Discovery Apps and find the one you need here

Teacher Page

Our Mission

Make Discovery an integral part of learning

Discovery lies at the heart of every effective learning experience, and makes learning fun, personal, and impactful.

We want to help you bring discoveries that your students make – in the classroom and beyond – into your everyday teaching.

To do this we have created a simple, customizable, and free learning platform for Discovery-Driven Mobile Learning.

* Our name reflects our belief that Discovery lies at the core of learning. In Old English, æcern means the “fruit of a tree”.

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