We are eager for you to make the most of Scoutlier. It is designed to help you quickly transform your teaching so it works effectively and equitably in any situation to provide flexible, interactive learning opportunities for your students. Here you will find resources to support you on your journey. We offer user guidesvirtual workshops, and video tutorials.


Learn how to create your first assignment from
account creation to reviewing student responses.

Learn how students can access assignments in three different ways. 

Learn how to use expert content created in partnership with curriculum providers and our expert teachers.

Learn how to use Scoutlier with your Learning Management System (LMS)

Learn how to create Scoutlier classrooms to help you organize your students & provide them easy access

Teachers can create and share folders which will significantly help with organization and collaboration.


We offer 30 minute free, interactive and virtual workshops to help you use Scoutlier to support high-impact classroom-based, hybrid, and virtual learning. During the workshop we will: coach you on efficient lesson creation using our Quick Author tool; identify how you can accelerate and improve lesson creation with our templates and libraries of resources; and direct you to effective strategies to support all your students and help them become independent learners.

Workshops run on Tuesdays at 6:00pm EST. Attendance is limited so we can provide personalized attention to all participants. Educators will have the option to sign-up for more advanced training with PDP or CEU certification upon completion of the workshop.


  • November 10, 24
  • December 8, 22



Get Started with Scoutlier

How to create your first assignment

Watch Video: How to Create First Assignment

Full Tour – Account Creation to Assessment

Watch Video: Full Tour Account Creation to Assessment

Use Community Library Resources

Watch Video: How to Use Community Library Resources

Put Assignments into the Classroom

Watch Video: How to Put Assignments into the Classroom

Creating an Assignment Code from an Assignment

Watch Video: How to Create an Assignment Code

Using Expert Content

Watch Video: How to use expert content

Tips for Organizing & Collaboration

Watch Video: Tips for Organization & Collaboration

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