Over 7 million students in the US receive special education services under the IDEA act. Scoutlier provides a simple, useable tool to help ensure that these services are effectively and efficiently delivered. Our research shows significant benefits to students, teachers and parents/ guardians of using Scoutlier to support students on an IEP.

For students with learning disabilities, Scoutlier:

  • Structures and breaks down lessons into intuitive, discrete tasks and steps with instructions provided as text, audio, video or images.
  • Allows them to document their work using their choice of (teacher-enabled) modes, including video, audio, text, multiple choice and data tables.
  • Provides embedded access to supporting instructional materials and other accommodations, such as text-to-speech.
  • Automatically shares and organizes their individual work products and completed lessons with their teacher.
  • Creates an opportunity to share work and collaborate with their peers.

For teachers and guardians of students with learning disabilities, Scoutlier:

  • Can deploy existing digital curricula and learning materials.
  • Provides an intelligent authoring tool to rapidly build personalized, scaffolded lessons and embed necessary accommodations.
  • Enables educators to share, borrow and adapt lessons created by peers and expert curriculum developers.
  • Allows teachers to assign lessons to a whole class, groups or individual student.
  • Tracks individual student and whole class progress in real-time.
  • Supports grading and automatically organizes student work into downloadable portfolios for reporting.

For districts, Scoutlier:

  • Deploys as a web or mobile application that can be accessed on any device (laptop, phone, tablet).
  • Can work offline for students with limited internet access
    Integrates into any learning management system, or can be run as an independent application.
  • Is fully complaint with national and regional student privacy laws.

To discuss how Scoutlier can make your students and teachers more successful reach out to us (link to contact form) or send us an email at

In this video, Brandy from Hillsborough County, FL describes how she use Scoutlier in the classroom to support her students with learning disabilities.

Watch Video: How scoutlier supports students with disabilities


In collaboration with leading education partners, we provide a growing collection of curricula and instructional materials that are designed for students with learning disabilities. We also support communities of practice based on sharing of lessons and best practices. Explore some of these resources below and reach out to us to learn how you can use Scoutlier to support your most vulnerable students.

Students and teachers explore important and urgent socio-emotional topics, concerns and strategies, and prepare for an uncertain school year, through safe and productive conversations and learning. They express themselves through work products that can be kept between them and their teacher or shared more broadly with their peers if desired and valuable.


Students with moderate to severe learning disabilities build critical academic, vocational and life skills in the classroom, at home, and in the community, through engaging, structured activities they can access on any device.


MakerEd ‘Learning: Everywhere’ kit that embodies a hybrid approach to STEAM learning in the new normal by unifying the “heads, hearts, and hands” of students with beneficial EdTech tools.



We offer training and support for teachers, schools and districts to effectively implement Scoutlier as a solution for students on IEPs or in transitional programs. For more information please contact us.

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