Scoutlier is an intuitive online learning solution optimized for use on shared computers and mobile devices, providing both teachers and students easy opportunities to share instruction and learning through video, audio, images, text, and data on a single platform.

Scoutlier is

Low Tech

Works anywhere on any device, including where internet is limited

Low Time

Teachers create activities, or borrow and adapt ones made by peers and experts.

Low Text

Students share their learning through video, audio, images, and data on a single platform.

High Touch

Intuitive, adaptable learning prompts in real-time insights into student progress.

High Use

Supports differentiated learning opportunities in subjects from STEM to ELL to Special Education.

High Impact

Students do better work online more consistently, especially the most vulnerable.

Everyday Engagement

Quickly capture invaluable discussions, reflections, vocab checks, science probes for daily practice and to inform your next steps for teaching.

Guided Inquiry

Embed questions, models, investigation, argument, discussion and more in learning experiences that address course content and standards.


Unleash Discovery

Build a learning culture of confidence, creativity and innovation through open inquiry, design thinking, Project Based Learning (PBL) and capstone projects.


Promote Equity

Value every student’s voice. Make your teaching accessible anywhere on any device so you can help all learners share their ideas and learning through video, audio, images and writing.

Also available for use through our mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

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