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Scoutlier is fully integrated for Google Classroom, but hang in there if you're not a Classroom teacher. We will open platform access to all Google sign in with assignment codes for easier sharing with any classroom by September 1st.

Learn how to get started on Scoutlier (pdf)

Student-centered teaching

Flexible Design Bank

Expert-developed templates help you embed practice for Next Generation Learning Skills in all your lessons.


Elevate Engagement

Elevate with Your Tech

Seamlessly engage students in collecting multimedia, words and data on any laptops, Chromebooks, tablets or devices through web or mobile apps.

Share and Collaborate

Student Data Driven

Track and share student progress and ideas in a variety of media to hear every voice and adjust your instruction in real-time.

"Scoutlier can be used to help groups of students engage in their own research. A class could work together to develop a question and decide what data they need to gather. In addition to whole-class work, this tool is also helpful for individual students working on their IB Extended Essay or AP Capstone Research Project."
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Learn how to get started on Scoutlier (pdf)


You strive to develop future-ready problem solvers.  But curriculum materials alone can’t deliver on new mandates, and developing next generation assessments is hard.  It’s time for an easier way to start embedding 21st century skills and practices in every class and lab.

Scoutlier is a platform designed with middle to high school students and their teachers in mind. With a Design Bank of templates, we suggest activity formats to help you create and conduct embedded formative assessments of learning skills and NGSS-style 3-D science in a student-centered classroom. Scoutlier drives and captures student outcomes as your class applies their knowledge and skills.

Scoutlier helps you build an assignment library and record evidence of student progress in the new standards and vision of Next Generation Learning Skills. Each activity you create is a live, interactive app to engage students in active, collaborative inquiry and learning - sharing data and ideas.

Scoutlier is supported in part by a grant from
Office of Naval Research - Education and Workforce/Naval STEM Division.

ONR grant funding


Learning on the go?  There's an app for that!

Complete your investigations and activities on the web or on free mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Collect data and evidence of learning on any trip or exploration beyond the classroom!

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Scoutlier is fully integrated with Google Classroom, allowing teachers to collect evidence of student outcomes.

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Junior Researchers

We connect students with scientists for field science experiences, so they can make a difference through the studies they pursue in this ONR-funded program.

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We are a building a library of FAQs and Demos to help answer your questions.  We are a small startup - your feedback is appreciated!

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We want to help teachers get the tools they need to encourage and engage their students as they become inquisitive, data-literate critical thinkers.

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