FIRST ® @ HOME on Scoutlier

Engineering Design Thinking, Robotics & Coding

Access the FREE engineering, design, robotics, and coding activities developed by FIRST ® on a platform that

  • breaks every lesson down into clear tasks and steps,
  • provides prompts and supporting information along the way,
  • lets students document what they learn through pictures, audio, video, data tables, and more,
  • allows students to work independently or as part of a collaborative team,
  • can be used on any device available – Chromebook, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones,
  • allows you to quickly and easily tweak every lesson so that it’s right for your students.
Take a look at the activities here! (link opens in a new window)

Brandy explains why FIRST @ Home on Scoutlier is the right solution for her students. Watch below.


Step 1: Create a free Scoutlier account with Google, Google Classroom, Microsoft, or your email by clicking on the sign up button below.
For help with this step, watch the video below: 
Getting Started Tutorial

Step 2: Copy the FIRST @ Home activities that are best suited for your students, adapt them if you want.
For help with this step, watch the video below: 
Use Expert Content

Step 3: Assign activities to your students using a code or your favorite learning management system.
For help with this step, watch the video below: 
Creating an Assignment Code from an Assignment

Watch Video: How to use expert content
Watch Video: How to Create an Assignment Code

For more information about FIRST @ Home or to request a training/demo, get in touch with us.

This project is based on content from FIRST.

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